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H.S.T.R. HomeAbout Home SupplyContact UsApply for CreditDamage Waiver ChargeBefore You Dig

About Us

Serving Stockton since 1950
2377 WATERLOO ROAD Stockton, CA 95205
H.S.T.R. HomeAbout Home SupplyContact UsApply for CreditDamage Waiver ChargeBefore You Dig


BOBCAT AUGER (post hole digger) Please call for pricing)
AUGER BIT, 9"-12"
Please call for pricing
For bits up to 30" for prices
$4000 per day
maximum lift capacity 1300lb
with loader.
$208.00 for 4hrs
$296.46 per day. 
With Backhoe or 54" scraper
Bobcats,  Tractors & Mini Skid Looader
Prices subject to change without notice.
Images do not always represent actual equipment.
Dingo Mini Skid Loader 
only 34" wide. Will go through 3ft. gate.
$175.00 for 4 hours
$254.00 per day 8 hours used or out for 24 hours
Dingo post hole digger8inch to 15inch holes up to 4 1/2 feet deep with an extension.
Call for pricing.

Dingo Cultivator: Roto tills, rakes and rolls in one pass. Eliminating a lot of Back work.
Call for pricing.

Dingo Trencher: Dig 6inches wide
and up to 36" deep
Call for pricing

Closed Sunday
Mini Excavator
$175.00 4 hours minumum
$261.06 per day. 8hours on meter or 24 hours out.
BOBCAT, 5' wide With bucket
$225.00 for 4hr. minimum-
$346.00 per day
 includes trailer
 no sales tax 
 must return full of diesel
Tool Rental
Prices do not include 13 percent Damage Waiver