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About Us

Serving Stockton since 1950
2377 WATERLOO ROAD Stockton, Ca.
H.S.T.R. HomeAbout Home SupplyContact UsApply for CreditDamage Waiver ChargeBefore You Dig

SOD CUTTER 18" wide cut.
Cuts out old lawn. Roll it up and Rent a Trailer to haul it away.
SOD CUTTER, 18" cut 
$78.78 for 4hr min.
$120.75 per day
$100.00 deposit
 If you are not going to remove         dirt, and are staring with bare dirt,   you can either TRENCH first or       ROTO-TILL first.If you start with a   TRENCHER, bury your sprinkler     pipe 12" or more below ground.       Run your risers several inches        above ground. Plug them so you     don't get dirt in your pipes.
 Now you can Roto-Till.

 If you are starting with a 
 Roto-Tiller, we have 2 sizes to        chose from: a 13hp rear-tine
 tiller, or a 5hp front-tine tiller.

 When installing a Lawn, there       are several ways to start.
 If you are going to dig out old dirt   or lawn, and are  bringing in top    soil, start with a BOBCAT.

 If you are replacing an                  existing  lawn, and are  
 not going to dig it out, start with    a SOD CUTTER.
 Now is a good time to mix in 
 fertilizer while you have the tiller.
 We sale Bolero starter fertilizer. 
 A good fertilizer to promote good 
 strong roots. Pick it up with your
  Rake your dirt smooth. 
 Now you need to use a Lawn
 Roller. Rolling the dirt will pack it down smooth and will find your soft spots in the dirt. After rolling, you may need to rake again; raking dirt in to your low spots.
 You are now ready to roll out your 
 Sod. We sale Sod from Delta         Bluegrass Co. Order Sod 2 days 
 in advance to insure yue get your
 Sod when you need it.
BOBCAT with 'Bucket
$225.00 for 4 hours min
$315.00 per day
Price includes Trailer.
 TRENCHER, TRACK digs 24" deep 4" wide
 $140.00 for 4hr min.
 $35.00 per hr.
  $205.00 per day
 13hp REAR-TINE Hydraulic 
4 hour minimum $100.00
 One day 24 hour $150.00

 5hp MID -TINE TILLER, right
 $50.00 for 4hr min..
 $12.50 per hr
 $75.00 per day 24 hour
Starter Fertilizer  
Lawn Food Fertilizer  
 $8.50 per day
 $14.75 per day
Call for current pricing
Free delivery for orders 1000sq. ft. or more.
 For orders under 1000 sq. ft.
 there is a $90.00 charge
Prices subject to change without notice.
Images do not always represent actual equipment.

Tool Rental
Prices do not include 13 percent Damage Waiver charge
Prices subject to change without notice.
Images do not always represent actual equipment.