Air Compressor Kit
$147.00 for 4hours/Minimum Charge
$217.00 per day/24hours out or 8hous used

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About Us

Tool Rental
Serving Stockton since 1950
2377 WATERLOO ROAD Stockton, Ca.
Demolition Hammer, 60lb Electric
$55.00 for 4 hours minimum
$93.00 per day
Includes 2 bits and extension cord.
Use for concrete slabs 4" thick or less.
Chipping Hammer, 30lb Electric
$38.00 for 4hrs
$60.00 per day
Great for making holes in concrete or breaking concrete around fence post and much more.
Concret Mixer, 6 cubic foot, Gas
$65.00 psesr day
$100.00 cleaning deposit
Concret Mixer, 1 1/2 cubic foot elec
wheelbarrow syle.
$35.00 per day
$60.00 cleaning deposit
Concret Saw, Cut-off (hand held)
$30.oo for 2hr minimun charge
$15.00 per hour
$70.00 per day
$150.00 deposit
+ Diamond blade $30.00 per day
Prices subject to change without notice.
Images do not always represent actual equipment.
Closed Sunday